Thursday, 4 February 2016

Happy Snaps!

....There has been a little thrifting this week...Perusing through the jumble of cast-offs at the local goodwill shops...and then this find...A beautifully vibrant, delicate Clarice Cliff floral dinner plate. Be still my beating heart! I plan to paint my kitchen table that exact green...soon...

I decided to try some new recipes too, and nothing gets me more excited than the hearty, wholesome dishes waiting to be brought to life from this Great British Farmhouse Cookbook...Made with fresh produce in-season, I look look forward to tempt my palate with delights from the farmer's table...

This last weekend there was a bit of jolly socialising with dear friends too, and an early birthday celebration for one special lady...This was the third time I made a 'naked cake', and it is my absolute favourite way to decorate a cake...It's the shabby chic imperfect perfection of the cake world! 

As dinner was a spread of Mexican food, the table flowers had to be bright to tie in with our vibrant Mexican night...Bright pink and orange it was!

So, just a few happy snaps from a week that wasn't just 'all work and no play'! Some freshness and colour for an otherwise very grey February...

Sunday, 31 January 2016

52 Snaps of Gratitude: Week 4

This week...I am so grateful for all the beautifully talented, creative people in this world. Yesterday I made the most of a cheery, sunny day, and set off on a little trip to the Vintage in the Shires Fair in Market Harborough. I was hoping to meet like minded souls who have a passion for all things vintage and handmade. The day did not disappoint! The hall was brimming with vintage treasures, lovingly crafted handmade wares, and quirky items for the keen collector. I met quite a few people whom I've been following on Instagram, and it was so lovely to finally be able to put names to faces! And, I came away with some treasure too! I absolute love the work of Suzi from Heartsnkisses. I have been following Suzi on Instagram for a while, and when I stumbled on her stall I immediately recognised her beautiful stitcheries! I came away with this charming embroidery. It is just perfect for this week's snap of gratitude! And it is a prayer of thanksgiving that I remember well from my childhood...Perfect!


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lemsip and a paint brush...

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all still enjoying what's left of the weekend, and that the early onset of the Monday blues aren't chomping at your heels just yet! My weekend has been a mixed bag...Most of it has been spent trying to shift a nasty cold which seems to have me in a vice grip. I suppose it's just the season we're in. Those who know me well, will know that I just can't sit still for too long. It has been particularly hard this weekend, as I had so much I wanted to get done, and all my body felt like doing was staying horizontal! But, as usual my overactive mind won, and willed me out of bed for long enough to tackle a little painting project I've been meaning to get round to.

I was given a beautiful old glass fronted cabinet in a dark wood a while back. It is a beautiful piece, but had some damage to the glass front of one of the doors. For a while I've toyed with the idea of painting it, or leaving it as is. On a whim, I decided to reach for the paint brush this weekend, after finally deciding on a purpose for this piece. It is going to be used as storage for sewing fabrics and pretties.


I used some leftover Annie Sloan chalk paint in Versailles, as I have painted some other pieces in the same colour. It is a beautiful, fresh green that offers the ideal back drop for some pastel pretties. Once the painting and waxing was done between sips of Lemsip, I papered the back with some favourite Tilda papers. I am so pleased with the end result!

As one of the glass panels is damaged, I decided to remove the doors until I can have it repaired. So for now, I have open shelves.

And now my beautiful old vintage Singer sewing machine has pride of place on top too! I know there will be a lot more faffing once I feel better, but the hard work is done!

Enjoy what's left of Sunday, and have a super week!